We help businesses succeed with custom software solutions


What We Do

Our experience allows us to build mission-critical solutions for our clients


We did it before and can do it again

How We Work

We seek to fit your business' ambitions and character

Transparency is Key

We care about our collaboration at every stage of development and show respect for our customers by keeping an open dialogue. Feedback is crucial for us.

Agile and Lean in Action

We take calculated steps based on end-user satisfaction rates and offer enough capacity to adapt to dynamic requirements and priorities instead of doing it all at once.

Quality Along with Expertise

We’re committed to developing standards-based code, system architecture and design. Our team consists of senior engineers who stand behind the quality of their work.

Conscious Budgeting

Just like your time, we respect your money. That is why we are so careful with it. The real value is our careful budgeting.

Time and Material

We work on an hourly basis, meaning that you only pay for the time our specialists actually spent working. We’re flexible in terms of requirements, scopes and priorities.

Effective Communication

Fluent English is a total must for the Euristiq team. We are demanding but fair, so we invest in the further development of our employees and their soft skills.

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